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We are developing the most innovative cryptographic technology to bring a radical change in the way data is securely processed in the cloud.




What is RHE?

RHE is our proprietary groundbreaking homomorphic encryption technology.


Thanks to our technological breakthrough, we overcome the penalizing performances of the state of the art homomorphic encryption technologies by improving performances by a factor of at least a few hundreds.


Processing of encrypted data can happen at an industrial scale and finally be brought to mainstream.

Benchmark homomorphic encryption HElib S

*"A Comparison of the Homomorphic Encryption Libraries HElib, SEAL and FV-NFLlib". C. A. Melchor, M. Kilijian, C. Lefebvre, T. Ricosset - 2019

How does it work?


Encryption till today provides confidentiality only to the extent that the receiving system is not compromised or the individual is honest. With homomorphic encryption your data can be evaluated without being decrypted, delivering both data confidentiality and security.

Imagine a world where personal, commercial or industrial data would never be decrypted while processed in the cloud, finally achieving encryption for data in use and not only in transit or at rest.

Siri could reply to your encrypted questions without Apple having access to what you asked.
Online advertising industry could apply their AI algorithms over encrypted personal data, preserving users privacy.
What about a fully encrypted cloud-based SQL database you can query without having to ever decrypt its content?



A simple use case

RHE enables highly secured and privacy-preserving services. 

Here is how a connected watch can now offer health statistics without the service provider developing the app ever knowing your health data (heart rate, distance walked, etc)!




A team of 9 people, ranging from mostly senior mathematics researchers to much younger developers. We are working hard to develop and implement RHE inside game-changing solutions.



Ravel will be releasing exciting news shortly leading to a new era for our company!